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TVF 2015 July07/30/201508/29/2019Bridgham, Dennis
TVF 2015 Feb02/10/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2015 Feb02/10/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2014 Dec01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2013 Sept01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2011 4th Qtr01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2014 Nov01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2015 Jan01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2012 2nd Qtr01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2014 Oct01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2012 1st Qtr01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2011 3rd Qtr01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2011 2nd Qtr01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2011 1st Qtr01/26/201508/29/2019,
TVF 2013 June07/16/201408/29/2019,
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We welcome visitors.  The best times  to visit the field are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 9 and 12.